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Credit Ratings lets you access your own credit reference agency file online. You can see what credit granters and lenders see if you apply for credit, a loan, mortgage or other financing. No forms and written letters by post are needed. You can pay online by credit card for instant access to your own credit rating.

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Credit Ratings has staff with over two decades of experience in the business to business credit reference sector for both consumer and commercial credit referencing.

Our services:

Corporate Credit Ratings

Credit rating reports on any UK company or business online from the largest UK credit information database. Click here for UK business credit ratings.

Global Credit Data
In addition to our UK credit checks we work with business information providers worldwide company search.

Surely the fastest and easiest way for anyone to see their own credit rating report online. All you do is enter your name and address and your credit card details and you are verified instantly and your full report is shown on screen. 10/10 
  • Business Options

    One-Off Credit Reports... Get a report on any UK business without any long-term subscription or commitment. Simply search for the business and click to get a report when you need it.

    For Customers Wanting Regular Reports... If you need just half a dozen credit rating reports over the next year, then you can reserve reports in advance using discounted price credits. You can easily save half the price or more, and your credits can be redeemed at any time within a year of purchase.

    High Volume Users... If your company needs regular credit rating checks then please Contact Us to discuss an annual license. A single see can give you access to our reports for 12 months.

  • Credit Ratings
    The service for UK consumers who want to see what's on their own credit reference files.

    My Credit Rating Strong? Now you can establish the facts with instant access to your own credit report. The new service makes this simple and straight-forward with My Credit Rating. The report you see is the same as the credit rating report used by the big banks and building societies. If you find errors or dispute any of the information presented you can add your own comments for future searchers to see. The Credit Ratings service can also monitor your credit report and alert you to changes.
Credit Rating Services...
Credit Ratings
See the information held about you on your own credit file - see your risk status score - and correct errors
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Credit Watch
Sends you alerts if significant changes are recorded on your credit file - avoid missed payments or fraud
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Corporate Credit Reports
If your business grants credit to its customers you can check the status of any UK business instantly online
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Is it possible to get higher credit ratings?
The essence of developing a good credit rating is to repay all your regular borrowings on time. Pay bills and monthly accounts by Direct Debit, and don't overlook credit and store card payments too. If you have hire purchase credit make sure this is paid promptly too. Late payments are something that quickly has an adverse impact on your credit rating. Do make sure that you are listed on the Voters Roll at your present residential address. If possible, try not to move address too frequently as lenders prefer to see some stability in this respect. If you know you can afford to repay credit, then you may consider opening accounts for modest amounts of credit that are within your means, and pay the amounts off promptly. This will show future lenders that you have had credit and were able to repay it. Always keep the amount of credit you borrow well under control, as if you allow your credit to get too high then this will also negatively impact on your credit rating.

What information appears in a report?
A consumer credit rating report confirms your name and address, and whether or not you are recorded on the Voters Roll. Any previous addresses that have been recorded for you will also appear. Your credit record and payment history for certain credit facilities will be revealed and any detrimental credit information recorded about you. If you get a credit report on a business it will normally confirm general facts about the business and how long it has been trading, and its credit status. If the business is a limited company the latest filed accounts are usually summarised and assessed and details of directors and shareholders are shown. Any holding company or controlling parent company is also identified. Mortgages, charges and debentures can be shown. Companies House notices such as Striking Off Notices, and details of Winding Up or Liquidation or Receivership are displayed. Corporate credit reports also include a credit status assessment and credit ratings based on the latest information available.

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